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    Natty Don’t Go//Cornell Campbell

    The groundhog has come and gone, winter coats are becoming fashion liabilities, the sun is shinning, and the weather is sweet.

    Sounds Like: Burning Spear, The Gladiators, Black Uhuru

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    Enemies (mathbonus remix)//Hannah Georgas

    forplay makes travel better

    Washed Out has been included in GQ magazine’s playlists, and Toro Y Moi has been featured on yet there is little radio bandwidth dedicated to spreading Chillwave, Ambient, and Bedroom Pop sounds. Thankfully, there is one man fighting the good fight and riding the chill wave. Jackson Fredrick of 88.5 Atlanta’s New Theory broadcast is probably the only good reason to ever pass the mason-dixon line.

    Sounds Like: James Blake, Jamie Woon, Tokimonsta

    Goodie Bag
    Hannah Georgas - Enemies (Mathbonus remix) Left-Click

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  7. 1 year ago 
    FInally (Kings of Tomorrow cover)//The xx

    this post will probably be taken down by young turks in less than a week

    This is an xx track. So, it must be good.

    Goodie Bag
    The xx - Finally (kings of tomorrow cover) (left-click)

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  9. Notes: 2 / 1 year ago  from bookmarklet
    Unfortunately, this time around forplay wasn’t granted exclusive rights to the pre-release stream so here’s a link: Rhye: Woman on Pitchfork Advance

    Unfortunately, this time around forplay wasn’t granted exclusive rights to the pre-release stream so here’s a link: Rhye: Woman on Pitchfork Advance

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    Local Natives - You & I
    You & I//Local Natives.

    Three years ago these pages introduced Local Natives without much fanfare. Like many posts here the recommendation was bereft of critique and contextual furnishings. —This time is no different.

    Short of any defined rating metrics, all I can say is that the album has been repeated, purchased, shared, playlisted, and now posted.

    Sounds Like: Monogold, French Kicks, Beach House
    Spotify Spotlight: New Playlist

    Goodie Bag
    Local Natives - You & I

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  13. 1 year ago 
    Prickly Pear//Portico Quartet

    forplay is healthy

    Much like your vitamins, this is a one-a-day sort of thing.

    Sounds Like:Hauschka, Remember Remember, Adam Sturtevant
    Spotify Spotlight: The mingle

    Goodie Bag
    Portico Quartet - Prickly Pear (Left-Click)

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  15. 1 year ago 
    K&G Beat//Floating Points

    A recent article off the twitter feed suggested that Listening to music is like taking drugs. The post rightly suggests that we drug ourselves with music while going through the motions of mundane activities like commuting, grocery shopping, and waiting in line at Starbucks for our grande red-eyes because every moment is not worthy of being experienced for itself. It seems that in dialing down the pleas of beggars on the subway and the chatter of Starbucksonians ordering drinks with exotic whips and pumps we are substituting a level of mindfulness and focus for reality distortion. This is probably true. I can’t remember the last time I didn’t craft the perfect playlist for an extended ride on the subway. In fact, forplay, and now Spotify, tout the ability to provide a soundtrack for every moment and lifetime.

    However, I think am fine with having a constant soundtrack. I suppose it comes down to whether you believe music is an experience enhancing or diluting drug. Since forplay curates music for moods and activities, most experiences are amplified by the accompanying soundtrack. Observing passengers catapult themselves into crowded subway cars spurs thoughts on people’s underlying #FOMO (fear of missing out) while watching customers order coffees with instructions written on paper leads the mind to question the psychology of crafting a starbucks menu.

    This track particularly turns Manhattan’s Chinatown commute into an obstacle course where i’m hurdling hipsters and dodging dumpling vendors.

    Sounds Like: Four Tet, Joy Orbison, Koreless
    Spotify Spotlight: Frieday

    Goodie Bag
    Floating Points - K&G Beat (Left-Click)

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    Dark Doo Wop (Chet Faker Remix)//MS MR

    A song usually makes it onto this finely curated blog when it : 1) is on repeat for more than 10 spins 2) has been in The Decanter for more than 2 days or 3) is a song by the xx, jamie xx, or four tet.

    Sounds Like: Poliça, Kindness, Mr Little Jeans

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    One Happier//Remember Remember

    And now for something completely beautiful

    Sounds Like: Mogwai, A Sunny Day in Glasgow, Bibio

    Goodie Bag
    Remember Remember - One Happier (Left-Click)

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  21. 1 year ago 

    Four Tet et. al

    One hour of FourTetspiraton

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  23. 1 year ago 

    Skin (Four Tet Rip)//Grimes


    Post 3 in forplay’s keepin’ bootlegging alive series.

    Goodie Bag
    Grimes - Skin (Four Tet Rip)

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    Happy 2013 everyone! We can’t wait for the next year to unfold. To start it off with a bang Jamie has done an edit of Sunset, which is available for free over the next 72 hours on iTunes: (sadly not in the US though) but you can find it on YouTube. Love, xx The xx 

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    Pillow Talk//Wild Child

    morning forplay

    Some mornings begin like this.

    Sounds Like: Rhye, Angus and Julia Stone, Boy & Bear

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    Last Christmas//The xx

    seasonal forplay

    Forplay’s christmas soundtrack usually consists of two tracks: Last Christmas, and Careless Whisper.